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The World Association for Medical Law (WAML) was established and the first Congress was held in Ghent, Belgium in 1967.

The purpose of the WAML is to encourage the study and discussion of health law, legal medicine and ethics, for the benefit of society and the advancement of human rights. The aim of the WAML is to promote the study of the consequences in jurisprudence, legislation and ethics of developments in medicine, health care and related sciences.

Since its creation the WAML held 25 World Congresses, and used its International Journal Medicine and Law for the publication of more than 2000 articles of authors from more than 100 countries. The Association engages in educational activities and aims to promote discussion and deliberation among academic and non academic channels, through its bi-monthly Members Newsletter, its regular Radio Program and more.

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26th Annual World Congress on Medical Law 2020 (Postponed)

After thoughtful deliberations, the leaders of the World Association for Medical Law (WAML) have made the difficult but necessary decision to postpone 26th Annual World Congress on Medical Law set to take place August 13 – 16, 2020 in Toronto, Canada.  This is not a decision taken lightly and WAML is committed to ensuring that the health and safety of all of our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, delegates and stakeholders is prioritized above all else.

The Meeting will be held at the same venue, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel from August 8 – 11, 2024.

What Happens Next?

All current paid registrations will be rolled over to the next meeting held in Istanbul, Turkey set to be held August 4 – 6, 2021.

For all Canadian paid registrants they will automatically roll over to the Toronto meeting in 2024.  However, for any other registrants upon written request to Denise you can also roll your registration over to the rescheduled Toronto meeting in 2024, if that is your preference.

If you have submitted an abstract and would like to roll over to the 2021 Congress in Turkey please email  For paid registrants, if you wish for your abstract to remain for the Toronto meeting in 2024, this can be accommodated as well.

Informed Consent and Health - A Global Analysis

Informed consent is the legal instrument that purports to protect an individual’s autonomy and defends against medical arbitrariness. Informed Consent and Health highlights that possession of complete information about all relevant aspects of a proposed treatment is integral to the ability of a patient to make an informed choice. With patient choice at both legislative and judicial levels rising to greater levels of prominence, this timely book examines how the tensions between the rights of patients to make choices and the duties of doctors to provide health care are managed.
This illuminating book investigates our evolving understanding of informed consent from a range of comparative and international perspectives, demonstrating the diversity of its interpretations around the world. Chapters offer a nuanced analysis of the problems that impede the understanding and implementation of the concept of informed consent and explore the contemporary challenges that
continue to hinder both the patient and the medical community.
Containing an in-depth discussion on this fundamental right, this thought-provoking book will be of value to academics and practitioners alike. Providing fascinating insight into new solutions and interpretations, this book will also prove a key resource for clinicians and health care workers.

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Medicine and Law is an international publication dealing with medico legal issues. It consists of original articles, court decisions, and legislation on: Medical Law, forensic medicine, sexology and law, psychiatry and law, psychology and law, dentistry and law, nursing law, pharmaceutical law, medical ethics, clinical criminology, drugs, alcohol, child abuse, medical experimentation, genetic engineering, organ transplantation, abortion, contraception, sterilization, euthanasia, religion, AIDS, etc.

The journal (Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Roy Beran) has been in publication since 1980 and has been recognized by the renowned Kennedy Institute of Ethics as a "priority journal".

The Journal accepts electronic submissions at All submissions must include abstract and keywords.

Information for authors can be found at

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